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gambar modif honda beat 2009gambar modif honda beat airbrush

Modifikasi honda BEAT arable Han's Motors (HM), Bogor sour-sweet taste. But, do not lick BEAT body because it's not going there. Most taste the dust that sticks to the body of the motor. But, philosophy airbrush honda BEAT called sour-sweet.

jari-jari honda beat modifgambar modif jari-jari honda beat
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"That is like candy Nano-Nano. because of the candy colors. Well, the concept of color that we take, "beber Hanif 'Han's' House, modifier HC, Bogor.

Wow, that's right honda BEAT color graphic works like a candy HM. Had tuh candy wrapper is opened, must eleven-twelve with honda BEAT HM.

Essentially created an orange color, graphics ditiban dim yellow and green lines plus. "Basically only three colors, red, yellow and green mixed-mixed. The result can make the graphics a variety of colors, "Han's close of Jl. Villa Duta, Baranang Siang,

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